Body Shapers

body shapers

Established in 2007, Tolbert Yilmaz Manufacturing and Eurotard Dancewear partnered with designer Guillermo Job to establish Julie France Body Shapers, a shapewear solution for women. Julie France Body Shapers are constructed using a breathable, moisture-wicking microfiber that remains invisible under any outfit. Seamless and lightweight, these body shapers work with the body's muscular structure to apply the appropriate amount of compression on each major muscle group. Engineered using innovate, three-dimensional technology to form zone-specific contouring panels, Julie France Body Shapers camouflage imperfections and shapes the body without creating lines or bulges.

After tremendous success in the U.S. and International markets, Julie France Body Shapers launched a higher compression shapewear collection in 2012 called Leger. Leger is an ultralight shapewear garment made from finer, softer yarns. With powerful, graduated compression, the unique collection offers maximum breathability and comfort while significantly slenderizing the body.

Julie France Body Shapers is committed to offering women shapewear garments that not only help them look their best, but also feel their best at all times. A woman?s best accessory is her smile, but her best foundation garment will always be a Julie France Body Shaper!